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Rage 2 is an even better place to simply people-watch for a spell

The world of Rage 2 is a grand place to shoot things, but an even better place to simply people-watch for a spell. Strolling into new settlements and meeting these people is the most engaging part of the game, as the post-apocalyptic society feels very well conceptualized and lived-in. That said, it doesnโ€™t take long after actually getting involved with missions and side quests to realize little has changed about Rageโ€™s overall gameplay loop. As wonderfully realized as the world is, you only meaningfully interact with it when NPCs have missions to dole out. And those missions almost unilaterally involve driving to a specific place on the map, killing everything that moves, looting the place blind, and moving on.

Combining the different firearms with Walkerโ€™s ever-expanding arsenal of special moves becomes a bloody violent ballet of bullets, body parts and broken bones. Taking down 20 or 30 baddies in one of the many outposts is definitely a highlight so far. Of the abilities in Rage 2, Iโ€™ve unlocked a few that do make the game live up to its wasteland superhero ambitions.

Between the gore and loud noises, youโ€™re going to find yourself spending a lot of time driving around the open world wasteland โ€” which isnโ€™t as bland as it sounds. While of course, youโ€™re going to see the cliched barren landscape dotted with ruined buildings from days past, you are also treated to vast swamplands, full cities and an excellent day/night cycle that provides some excellent backdrops as you carve your way across the landscape. Thereโ€™s an insane amount of things to do while youโ€™re out and about, too. Most do boil down to โ€˜go out and kill the bad guysโ€™, but there are plenty of opportunities to race other wastelanders, chase and hunt down convoys (by and large, my favourite activity to do) and hunt massive mutant abominations. Within all that, you also have to go out and search for Arks โ€” pre-apocalypse capsules loaded with new weapons and abilities. These are not mandatory to find, barring a few key story plot points, but certainly make your playthrough much easier and more entertaining.

The actual, spatial waste just compounds the problem. Rage 2 is another in a sad class of open-world games that has trouble filling up that open world, and thatโ€™s a bigger problem when gameplay doesnโ€™t meaningfully vary from โ€œkill everything in sight.โ€ Thereโ€™s plenty of driving to be done, and there are races, just like in the first Rage. Thereโ€™s also a tidy collection of armored vehicles to try out beyond the APC you get at the gameโ€™s start. These are the only activities that significantly stray from the one thing Rage demands from its players.

Lots of Rage 2 is great and lots of it isnโ€™t. Itโ€™s hard to recommend as a game to play mindlessly while watching TV or when you want to unwind. Sure, the combat sections are up to the task, but then you need to slog through the open-world.

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Rage 2 is an even better place to simply people-watch for a spell